Edge of Adventure

Journal of Finamore Buf'te IV

Journal of Finamore Buf’te IV
A rather short entry i’m afraid as I must prepare myself for the hunt!

We finally sold the Ril, feel much better now it’s off the ship.
Janus received a message from a Twi’lek president of Isotech so we trundled off to “the wheel”. Not a massive fan of the wheel, very difficult to track anything and completely artificial. Tried to infiltrate the Isotech reception area but was captured, luckily I fooled them and got away (I am so smart).
New mission: we are now hunting a treasure ship called salnaloor or something. The others are very excited about the 10,000c reward. (I think i tipped a waiter that once in my heyday). But more importantly the Salblaboor is in the Chol system, where the planet Cholgana resides, home to none other than the Nexu! NEXU!!!!! One of the big five!

We had a small skirmish with some rhodesians who tried to steal a droid from us. One of my idiots (Leon) killed a fellow Rhodesian. Good thing I’m not patriotic. One got away but I have feeling we’ll see him again.
Incurred a small fine for blasting off without permission.
Now we’re away from that ghastly wheel place hurtling towards Cholgana and my next prize. Need to remember to turn off the stun setting.

Finamore Buf’te IV



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