Edge of Adventure

Leon's Log

Crew Record – Leon Arcangelo

“Waking up in the back of a speeder should be a more jarring experience. Yet having woke up more than once in this position does not seems to bother me. When I was released from my confines I brought up to speed on what had previously happened.”

“It turned out that during the time they had managed to get them into a fight with some bounty hunters but they had managed to deal with them….barely. After patching them up they went and explored the rest of the cave before moving to the settlement.”

“When we arrive at the settlement it was quite clear that they were facing hard times. We gathered some information from the people and set the crew some tasks to help around whilst we waited for the new day.”

“During the night a bunch of drunken idiots from the new development came down and destroyed some peoples homes. After knocking them out the next day we went to the development were we got no were with negotiations with Drom. Though it was not long before the wookie started crashing through the canteena in a bulldozer. It was not long before the place was cleared out of the thugs. For all intense purpose we were heroes and the people of the settlement praised us for it….until the wookie decided to take the bulldozer as a prize.”



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