Edge of Adventure

Othkyythravga's Audio Diary entry #236

Dealing with the Teemo Problem

grrrwaaaaaarggggh (Arranged with Duke Dimmic to deal with Teemo, mostly due to Teemo’s involvement with a Kubaz.)

brrwhhhaargh (Still had to fight our way aboard his shuttle, had to make it convincing so there wouldn’t be any come back on Dimmic.)

mmmrwwaghgh (The shuttle is transporting B1 Battle droids to Teemo on Mos shutta, we planned our assault, using the crates to get into teemo’s palace.)

wawoohrgh (We somehow manage to remain undetected despite everyone else being really noisy in the crate.)

sputamureaghrh rwhhhaargh woohrgh (We open the crate)

Brrrgh (Medic droid Vex is there, we remove his restraining bolt and he agrees to help us; Marius disables the internal comms and locks down Teemo’s palace; we free the slaves and they also agree to help us take down Teemo; we find evidence that Teemo is cheating Jabba and send it to everyone in Teemo’s contact list.)

haargh (Leon tried to convince Teemo’s thugs to give up without a fight, they’re all dead now.)

whhharrrgh (We killed Teemo, took what supplies we could, including some artwork and 10,000 in Hutt cartel trade tokens.)

mmrrgh (We left Teemo’s creepy holo statue behind.)



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