Edge of Adventure

Ryloth: The adventure continues

Hunt for the ferocious Lylek.

Journal of Finamore Buf’te IV.

My senses were pulverised by klaxons and the miasma of rotten meat. The wookie pilot Ravga and human Marius managed to silence the caterwauling (which transpired to be some misguided attempt at opera). We hunted for the source of the stench; discovering 6 half-cured Wookie pelts. Obviously Ravga was rather upset. There was a minor dispute about possibly selling the pelts at the next port, but an angry Wookie doesn’t make a good debating opponent and the pelts were disposed of.

Further investigation of the ship revealed a Twi’lek slave named B’aur B’an. After some fiddling with the ships computer Marius managed to release the poor Twi’lek. He was an all right chap a little worse for wear but didn’t try and kill us. Leon patched him up and the rest of had a hunt for any more surprises.

I have been informed that the ship is pretty standard. Several sleeping quarters. (all too small for my liking except the captains quarters but again no one argues with a wookie), lounge/galley, various storage rooms (one even has a hidden compartment) and an engineers workshop. Where I think I saw the makings of an astromech droid. Marius spotted some shed Genosian chitin but no sign of its owner. It all needs a good clean up, bits of rotten meat (wookie?) all over the place. I also found a tidy little sum hidden under my bed; not that I’m telling the others. Leon, being such a good sport patched the rest of us up too.

Unfortunately, as we left hyperspace we were set upon by one Teemo’s cronies who had tracked a transponder on our hull. A space fight ensued but I made short work of him. I’m starting to like these big space guns. Very satisfying to watch as a ship explodes almost as satisfying as popping a Dianoga in the eye. Almost.

We landed on the desert planet Ryloth in a scummy starport that B’aur B’an (the Twi’lek slave) recommended. Thankfully, no stormtroopers this time.

B’aur Ban was very grateful at being released from his shackles and offered us cheap fuel, repairs and possibly even employment. Employment! Mother would be furious a Buf’te hasn’t soiled his hands with employment in 3 generations! “But needs must,” as they say.

We followed B’aur B’an to meet some of his chums. They were very happy to see him obviously. The leader was very grateful and put us up for the night. The first proper bed I’ve had in weeks even if it was bit lumpy and the neighbours a bit noisy.

The employment has something to do with mining rill and some mining company. Nasty stuff rill, never touched the stuff. Alright, I lie in my youth but I’m too old for that nonsense now.

No more importantly was the Lyleks. Now they’re not on my big 5 but a Lylek is comparable to a Rancor in strength and ferocity. A giant insect with stabbing limbs and poisonous tentacles. It would make a very nice chair. Unfortunately talking to a vendor I learned that they don’t live near the cities. Or should I say the Twi’leks don’t live near the Lyleks.

My chance came when we escorting B’aur B’an to a mine called New Meen. B’aur B’an, Ravga, Marius and myself took a speeder across the desert. Leon had the “sniffles” and remained in bed. A little too much sherry perhaps.

As we reached a canyon our speeder was set upon by bandits and non other than that dastardly fiend (Ex-)Captain Trex the Tradoshan slaver. B’aur B’an was knocked unconscious in the ambush.

A blazing fire fight ensued. The Wookie was knocked out almost immediately. I too was rendered insensible but not before I managed to get a shot on Trex. With Trex down Marius scared the other two ruffians into a cave. We dispatched Trex. Not very gentlemanly I know but again necessity compels…

The villains retreated deep into the cave. We investigated stealthily. The first chamber contained the bones of a long dead quadruped.The second chamber contained the remains of a encampment. Where we found 100c worth of astromech parts (should help with the components we found on the ship) and some pretty rocks. Rocks aren’t really my area of interest but Marius collected some specimens.

We came upon the scoundrels in the third chamber. Ravga engaged them in battle and although they had a better position we would certainly have destroyed them.

But in a moment it all changed.

A Lylek. A real Lylek, disturbed by the shots from the blasters, impaled one of the brutes and took him back to it’s nest. Knowing that while it was distracted it would not come after us we continued our skirmish with the remaining human bandit. Ravga unfortunately decided to give the man a chance to surrender and the coward fled.

I started to make my way towards the nest. A Lylek would make a perfect souvenir for the start of the trip but my associates convinced me that going up against that thing with a pitiful blaster rifle would only end in ruin. I was very aggrieved but had to concur. Now if I had my Gorog rifle this would have been a different story. But alas we beat a quick retreat as the Lylek disembowelled it’s victim.

Marius repaired them minor damage to speeder and we resumed our journey to New Meen.

Not a bad start to my grand tour but a Lylek would have been fantastic. Alas I’ll have to settle for the skin of a lizard I shot while waiting for Marius to repair the speeder.

Finamore Buf’te IV


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Ryloth: The adventure continues

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Ryloth: The adventure continues

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