Edge of Adventure

X marks the spot

Janus' Demise

Taking the data from the escape pod and comparing it to our aerial scans we identified two likely locations for the crash site of the Sa Nalaor. Checking out the first we discovered the engine section, deciding that the vault is likely in the other section of the ship we move on. Affecting a water landing close to the second crash site, suffering only mild system strain. We think this section of crashed ship should hold what we’re looking for and while investigating discover a long abandoned camp made of debris and local flora. Judging by the plant growth though it’s probably been abandoned for 20 years or so.

We enter the ship, finding it in extremely poor condition, Leon nearly falling to his demise. While deciding where to go within the ship Finnemore finds evidence of tentacled beasties as well as nexu tracks. With the vault as our goal we head into the bowels of the ship, our way regularly being blocked by wreckage. We find little at first other than a small cache of creds (1,200) and a long dead data pad in a sealed locker. But after cutting through several blocked passages we come across the terrors from the deep, arboreal octopuses.

They ensnared Leon and Finnemore, but following a long struggle are vanquished leaving us free to move onto the vault and it’s well and truly locked blast doors. Through some form of technomancer magic (fusion cutter) Leon was able to cut through the blast doors revealing a vault full of art too large for us to move, and a small amount we could pick up with ease.

Taking some of the smaller boxes we make our way back to the ship only to find it full of Rhodian members of the Yah Yah clan. quickly dispatching the guards at the boarding ramp Ravga and Finnemore make their way onto the ship while Leon makes his way to the cargo lift.

As the lift raises him into the hold he is confronted by three Rhodians one of whom’s familiarly scarred form is holding a blaster to Janus’ head. After a brief attempt to buy the other time the room erupts into a firefight while Ravga kills another in the cockpit and starts take off procedures. Finnemore checks on his new charge, Fluffy, unharmed.

As the ship lifts, Leon makes it out of the hold and Ravga declares his intentions over the intercom, lower your weapons or get spaced. With the emergency lock down in place only time will tell whether Janus will make it out of the hold alive…



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