Nova Squad

An Imperial Special Forces unit.


Nova Squad is the name of a small unconventional warfare team in the Imperial Army. The members are trained to be able to handle a wider variety of combat situations than the standard Storm Trooper contingent. The unit consisted of five members prior to the desertion of one of the soldiers:

Lieutenant Davin “Papa” Eross: A skilled officer, and leader of Nova squad.

Sergeant Janus “Quickdraw” Rho: Young, but determined sergeant. Went AWOL during a mission to the moon of Nar Shadda. Presumed to be a deserter.

Sergeant Vette “Reds” Kuring: Demolitions expert. Rumored to have had a personal relationship with Janus Rho.

Sergeant Barras “Doc” Nabba: Highly respected Medical specialist, and oldest member of the team.

Sergeant Amara “Farshot” Y’neth: Skilled marksman and Nova Squad’s sniper and infiltration expert.

Nova Squad

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