Edge of Adventure

Prologue: Escape from Mos Shutta

It is a period of unrest and opportunity in the galaxy. The Galactic Empire struggles to maintain control in the midst of civil war. Meanwhile, scoundrels and smugglers, explorers and expatriates, and fringers of all kinds struggle for a living on the edges of civilization. It is a hard life but these renegades have more freedom and opportunity than any citizen of the Core Worlds.

On the desert world of Tatooine, a few such indviduals have run afoul of a local crime boss, Teemo the Hutt . Exhausted and trapped in the tiny spaceport of Mos Shutta the renegades duck into the local cantina to hide from their pursuers……

Escape from Mos Shutta
The adventure begins

Following a short period of incarceration at the hands of Teemo the Hutt our band of heroes (rogues) manages to escape. Ducking first into a nearby cantina, the alarm is raised and with only moments before Teemo’s guards enter Marius and Raavga decide to hide in a storage closet, bribing the barman. Finamore hides under a table while Adele sits calmly in a booth sipping on someone else’s abandoned beer.

4 Guards enter and following a brief confrontation are all dead (Finamore taking the snipers motto to heart with the shots and two kills.) The barman tells of a ship in the Aurek port, requiring a small part and belonging to a vicious slaver, before finishing with a “Get the hell out of my bar.”

A plan is quickly hatched to steal the missing component from a local junkyard, which then goes array when Adele just buys the damn thing. Following this the group decides he can also pay the docking fees for the ship (which they don’t quite own yet.)

A lambda class shuttle bearing storm troopers from the nearby Mos Eisley Spaceport lands and the troopers fire upon the retreating party as they hurry to the Aurek shiport and their goal of the Krayt Fang.

Escaping the storm troopers, suffering serious injuries, the party comes upon Trex, the Trandoshan slaver, and owner of the Krayt fang. Immediately opening fire on the scum, Trex is forced to retreat from his ship and Raavga runs inside to start the engines. Once all are aboard the ship begins to lift, the cargo door open, Trex is confronted by Adele. A shoulder barge later and the ship is the sole property of our ‘Heroes.’ The ship takes off, taking small arms fire from the storm troopers below, it breaks atmosphere.


Almost anyway, two pairs of tie fighters descend on the Krayt fang. Marius quickly installs the missing component into the Hyperdrive engine and begins repairs on the already battle damaged systems while Raavga attempts to outrun the much more agile fighters. Finamore takes control of the weapons turrets and opens fire, slowly destroying the enemy ships until only a single, half blasted, tie remains.

Finally despite Adeles attempts to destroy the ship from the inside the hyperdrive spools up, the surrounding star fields blur as the ship moves away from tatooine and to freedom…

Ryloth: The adventure continues
Hunt for the ferocious Lylek.

Journal of Finamore Buf’te IV.

My senses were pulverised by klaxons and the miasma of rotten meat. The wookie pilot Ravga and human Marius managed to silence the caterwauling (which transpired to be some misguided attempt at opera). We hunted for the source of the stench; discovering 6 half-cured Wookie pelts. Obviously Ravga was rather upset. There was a minor dispute about possibly selling the pelts at the next port, but an angry Wookie doesn’t make a good debating opponent and the pelts were disposed of.

Further investigation of the ship revealed a Twi’lek slave named B’aur B’an. After some fiddling with the ships computer Marius managed to release the poor Twi’lek. He was an all right chap a little worse for wear but didn’t try and kill us. Leon patched him up and the rest of had a hunt for any more surprises.

I have been informed that the ship is pretty standard. Several sleeping quarters. (all too small for my liking except the captains quarters but again no one argues with a wookie), lounge/galley, various storage rooms (one even has a hidden compartment) and an engineers workshop. Where I think I saw the makings of an astromech droid. Marius spotted some shed Genosian chitin but no sign of its owner. It all needs a good clean up, bits of rotten meat (wookie?) all over the place. I also found a tidy little sum hidden under my bed; not that I’m telling the others. Leon, being such a good sport patched the rest of us up too.

Unfortunately, as we left hyperspace we were set upon by one Teemo’s cronies who had tracked a transponder on our hull. A space fight ensued but I made short work of him. I’m starting to like these big space guns. Very satisfying to watch as a ship explodes almost as satisfying as popping a Dianoga in the eye. Almost.

We landed on the desert planet Ryloth in a scummy starport that B’aur B’an (the Twi’lek slave) recommended. Thankfully, no stormtroopers this time.

B’aur Ban was very grateful at being released from his shackles and offered us cheap fuel, repairs and possibly even employment. Employment! Mother would be furious a Buf’te hasn’t soiled his hands with employment in 3 generations! “But needs must,” as they say.

We followed B’aur B’an to meet some of his chums. They were very happy to see him obviously. The leader was very grateful and put us up for the night. The first proper bed I’ve had in weeks even if it was bit lumpy and the neighbours a bit noisy.

The employment has something to do with mining rill and some mining company. Nasty stuff rill, never touched the stuff. Alright, I lie in my youth but I’m too old for that nonsense now.

No more importantly was the Lyleks. Now they’re not on my big 5 but a Lylek is comparable to a Rancor in strength and ferocity. A giant insect with stabbing limbs and poisonous tentacles. It would make a very nice chair. Unfortunately talking to a vendor I learned that they don’t live near the cities. Or should I say the Twi’leks don’t live near the Lyleks.

My chance came when we escorting B’aur B’an to a mine called New Meen. B’aur B’an, Ravga, Marius and myself took a speeder across the desert. Leon had the “sniffles” and remained in bed. A little too much sherry perhaps.

As we reached a canyon our speeder was set upon by bandits and non other than that dastardly fiend (Ex-)Captain Trex the Tradoshan slaver. B’aur B’an was knocked unconscious in the ambush.

A blazing fire fight ensued. The Wookie was knocked out almost immediately. I too was rendered insensible but not before I managed to get a shot on Trex. With Trex down Marius scared the other two ruffians into a cave. We dispatched Trex. Not very gentlemanly I know but again necessity compels…

The villains retreated deep into the cave. We investigated stealthily. The first chamber contained the bones of a long dead quadruped.The second chamber contained the remains of a encampment. Where we found 100c worth of astromech parts (should help with the components we found on the ship) and some pretty rocks. Rocks aren’t really my area of interest but Marius collected some specimens.

We came upon the scoundrels in the third chamber. Ravga engaged them in battle and although they had a better position we would certainly have destroyed them.

But in a moment it all changed.

A Lylek. A real Lylek, disturbed by the shots from the blasters, impaled one of the brutes and took him back to it’s nest. Knowing that while it was distracted it would not come after us we continued our skirmish with the remaining human bandit. Ravga unfortunately decided to give the man a chance to surrender and the coward fled.

I started to make my way towards the nest. A Lylek would make a perfect souvenir for the start of the trip but my associates convinced me that going up against that thing with a pitiful blaster rifle would only end in ruin. I was very aggrieved but had to concur. Now if I had my Gorog rifle this would have been a different story. But alas we beat a quick retreat as the Lylek disembowelled it’s victim.

Marius repaired them minor damage to speeder and we resumed our journey to New Meen.

Not a bad start to my grand tour but a Lylek would have been fantastic. Alas I’ll have to settle for the skin of a lizard I shot while waiting for Marius to repair the speeder.

Finamore Buf’te IV

Leon's Log

Crew Record – Leon Arcangelo

“Waking up in the back of a speeder should be a more jarring experience. Yet having woke up more than once in this position does not seems to bother me. When I was released from my confines I brought up to speed on what had previously happened.”

“It turned out that during the time they had managed to get them into a fight with some bounty hunters but they had managed to deal with them….barely. After patching them up they went and explored the rest of the cave before moving to the settlement.”

“When we arrive at the settlement it was quite clear that they were facing hard times. We gathered some information from the people and set the crew some tasks to help around whilst we waited for the new day.”

“During the night a bunch of drunken idiots from the new development came down and destroyed some peoples homes. After knocking them out the next day we went to the development were we got no were with negotiations with Drom. Though it was not long before the wookie started crashing through the canteena in a bulldozer. It was not long before the place was cleared out of the thugs. For all intense purpose we were heroes and the people of the settlement praised us for it….until the wookie decided to take the bulldozer as a prize.”

Episode Four
The Search for More Money

After a night of enthusiastic partying with the local miners in the (now ruined remains) of the (now deceased) Demo’s cantina, our intrepid heroes (rogues) made their way back to civilization. Upon their return to the spaceport, they made busy buying and selling at the local market as well as drinking and trading depressing backstories until they decided to meet up again with their Twi’lek contacts.

When they arrived at the hidden meeting site, they were greeted again by (that twi’lek who’s name I’ve totally forgotten) and a strange Bothan, who was introduced as (nope no idea either). After sharing the tale of their ambitious (and unsurprisingly unsuccessful) attempts at diplomacy, the group was informed by their new Bothan friend that Teemo the Hutt had placed a bounty of 50,000 credits on their heads. But the enterprising fellow had a plan!

So our fearless heroes found themselves on the planet Geonosis schmoozing a local Duke (and armsdealer) in an attempt to gain the information needed to secure an entry into Teemo’s palace (and bought Finamore a shiny new rifle in the process). Next stop, taking down the hutt!

Othkyythravga's Audio Diary entry #236
Dealing with the Teemo Problem

grrrwaaaaaarggggh (Arranged with Duke Dimmic to deal with Teemo, mostly due to Teemo’s involvement with a Kubaz.)

brrwhhhaargh (Still had to fight our way aboard his shuttle, had to make it convincing so there wouldn’t be any come back on Dimmic.)

mmmrwwaghgh (The shuttle is transporting B1 Battle droids to Teemo on Mos shutta, we planned our assault, using the crates to get into teemo’s palace.)

wawoohrgh (We somehow manage to remain undetected despite everyone else being really noisy in the crate.)

sputamureaghrh rwhhhaargh woohrgh (We open the crate)

Brrrgh (Medic droid Vex is there, we remove his restraining bolt and he agrees to help us; Marius disables the internal comms and locks down Teemo’s palace; we free the slaves and they also agree to help us take down Teemo; we find evidence that Teemo is cheating Jabba and send it to everyone in Teemo’s contact list.)

haargh (Leon tried to convince Teemo’s thugs to give up without a fight, they’re all dead now.)

whhharrrgh (We killed Teemo, took what supplies we could, including some artwork and 10,000 in Hutt cartel trade tokens.)

mmrrgh (We left Teemo’s creepy holo statue behind.)

Mission Log: 003

Objective: Gain access access to transport vessel to Mos Shutta. Infiltrate Teemo’s Palace. Execute Teemo the Hutt.

Report: The Bothan had provided us with details stating that Teemo the Hutt had placed a sizable bounty on our group. This was not a surprise to our group yet this Bothan and his associates were offering us a job that would ‘Cancel’ the bounty. Eliminate Teemo the Hutt.

The job had a few different stages.

1. Gain details from the Geonosian Duke Pidic on why he ceased dealing with Teemo.
2. Gain access to the transport vessel leaving from Geonosian Duke Dimik to Mos Shutta.
3. Inflitrate Teemo’s Palace.
4. Execute Teemo the Hutt.

Step 1: We were given covers to make deals with the Duke Pidic at his new Cantina on Geonosia as arms dealers looking to purchase the weapons they are manufacturing.
We arrived at Duke Pidic’s with little trouble. After socialising with a few of the other patrons of Duke Pidic’s bar we came across Toydarian who made a living as a information broker. After paying for his services we were able to get the vital information regarding why Duke Pidic had ceased trading with Teemo the Hutt.

We then made contact with Duke Pidic to which we purchased samples of his merchandise before leaving for the evening.

Step 2. We had a few different ways in which we could have dealt with Duke Dimik but diplomicy was our best bet. With the vital information and evidence that we had we were able to get Duke Dimik to agree to allow us on to his transport vessel for the B1 battle droids being delivered to Teemo. Though we had to ‘fight’ our way on to the ship to make it look authentic it was a trivial matter.

The ship was piloted by two human siblings by the name of Wax and Orpa who had been made aware of the arrangement that we were being sent to deal with Teemo. We made the arrangement that they would pick us up after the deed was done.

Step 3. The infiltration was perhaps the easiest part, no one would ever expect to be trying to infiltrate a Hutt Palace. We achieved this by taking the places of the B1 Battledroids being delivered. Though some of us were unable to last the short journey without getting cramped or making noise. Thankfully we had not been discovered.

Step 4. After securing the workshop which was supervised by medical droid Vex we started securing sections of the palace. Starting the the communication room were I dealt with the Kubaz in a single volley of blaster shots and informed the admin droid into the workshop. We then isolated the computer systems, redirected communications, accessed his records and funds.

The most interesting part was the information that we gather regarding Teemo’s dealings which we broadcasted to well everyone that Teemo knew. I then went and convinced the prisoners to work towards killing Teemo. This included Lo-Irik the Wookie, Pash the Human, Oskara the Twiliek. There was also a Nogry assassine however he only worked for money so we left him in his cell.

The battle plan was simple I would be the distraction and hopefully convince the thugs to lay down there arms whilst the other got into position. The fight was brief, we suffered some wounds but nothing lasting whilst all of Teemo’s group were wiped out.

Mission Successful.


50k Bounty,
10l Hutt Cartel Trade Tokens,
3 Paintings,
2 boxes of Ryll Spice,
8 blaster pistols,
2 crude vibro axes,
3 partical built battle droids,
500 credits – Teemos Bank,
Tool Kits,
Glow Sticks,
emergancy Repair Kits,
2 Stim Paks,
1 Heavy Blaster Pistol,
3 Vibro axes,
3 blaster carbines

Certainly an impressive haul for one little assassination.

Journal of Finamore Buf'te IV

Journal of Finamore Buf’te IV
A rather short entry i’m afraid as I must prepare myself for the hunt!

We finally sold the Ril, feel much better now it’s off the ship.
Janus received a message from a Twi’lek president of Isotech so we trundled off to “the wheel”. Not a massive fan of the wheel, very difficult to track anything and completely artificial. Tried to infiltrate the Isotech reception area but was captured, luckily I fooled them and got away (I am so smart).
New mission: we are now hunting a treasure ship called salnaloor or something. The others are very excited about the 10,000c reward. (I think i tipped a waiter that once in my heyday). But more importantly the Salblaboor is in the Chol system, where the planet Cholgana resides, home to none other than the Nexu! NEXU!!!!! One of the big five!

We had a small skirmish with some rhodesians who tried to steal a droid from us. One of my idiots (Leon) killed a fellow Rhodesian. Good thing I’m not patriotic. One got away but I have feeling we’ll see him again.
Incurred a small fine for blasting off without permission.
Now we’re away from that ghastly wheel place hurtling towards Cholgana and my next prize. Need to remember to turn off the stun setting.

Finamore Buf’te IV

Journal of Finamore Buf'te IV

Journal of Finamore Buf’te IV

The flight to cholgana was pretty uneventful, that’s if you ignore the tracker, exiting hyperspace in the middle of an asteroid field meteorite swarm in the middle of the nebula.
Scanning the surface of cholgana we found evidence of a crash site and some debris. Janus got a tummy bug so had to stay in his room.
During the drive to the crash site a I searched invain for signs of the elusive Nexu but seen nothing.
At the crash site, we found what looked like an exit pod in the middle of a pool of stagnant water surrounded by flies. Leon had the brilliant idea of throwing stun grenades at the pool. I have to admit I was a bit dubious about the whole thing. But in the end it worked well. Leon entered the pod and retrieved some computer files. He also stumbled upon a baby Nexu (a Nexlit if you will)
Unfortunately for Leon on exiting the ship he was set upon by a fearsome mother Nexu.
Leon managed to do some serious damage to the beast but was struck down and badly injured. Luckily I manged to let off a right good blast from my rifle which blew its head clean off. Just in the nick of time too it was about to devour our mechanic. I was mildly peeved as I fancied mounting it’s head.
While Leon healed itself and Ravga, who had been up a tree, (I didn’t know wookies could climb!) stowed my prize, I went to see to the little blight in the escape pod.
A little 1week old Nexlit, only just started eating meat.
Some might say that I’m getting soft in my old age, but I have a plan.Tame hunting nexu. Will make it much easier to bring down a rancor.
Back at the ship, I skinned and butchered the Nexu, the rug will make an excellent addition to my room or should fetch a pretty penny on the market. I added some of the teeth to my collection. Still annoyed about the head.
They decoded the computer files: A video log of the ship going down and people deserting the ship.
Can’t wait to start little Fluffy’s training!

Finamore Buf’te IV

X marks the spot
Janus' Demise

Taking the data from the escape pod and comparing it to our aerial scans we identified two likely locations for the crash site of the Sa Nalaor. Checking out the first we discovered the engine section, deciding that the vault is likely in the other section of the ship we move on. Affecting a water landing close to the second crash site, suffering only mild system strain. We think this section of crashed ship should hold what we’re looking for and while investigating discover a long abandoned camp made of debris and local flora. Judging by the plant growth though it’s probably been abandoned for 20 years or so.

We enter the ship, finding it in extremely poor condition, Leon nearly falling to his demise. While deciding where to go within the ship Finnemore finds evidence of tentacled beasties as well as nexu tracks. With the vault as our goal we head into the bowels of the ship, our way regularly being blocked by wreckage. We find little at first other than a small cache of creds (1,200) and a long dead data pad in a sealed locker. But after cutting through several blocked passages we come across the terrors from the deep, arboreal octopuses.

They ensnared Leon and Finnemore, but following a long struggle are vanquished leaving us free to move onto the vault and it’s well and truly locked blast doors. Through some form of technomancer magic (fusion cutter) Leon was able to cut through the blast doors revealing a vault full of art too large for us to move, and a small amount we could pick up with ease.

Taking some of the smaller boxes we make our way back to the ship only to find it full of Rhodian members of the Yah Yah clan. quickly dispatching the guards at the boarding ramp Ravga and Finnemore make their way onto the ship while Leon makes his way to the cargo lift.

As the lift raises him into the hold he is confronted by three Rhodians one of whom’s familiarly scarred form is holding a blaster to Janus’ head. After a brief attempt to buy the other time the room erupts into a firefight while Ravga kills another in the cockpit and starts take off procedures. Finnemore checks on his new charge, Fluffy, unharmed.

As the ship lifts, Leon makes it out of the hold and Ravga declares his intentions over the intercom, lower your weapons or get spaced. With the emergency lock down in place only time will tell whether Janus will make it out of the hold alive…


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