Edge of Adventure

A Fistful of Problems

Where our companions suck at talking yet again

Facing down a set of four (Yes, four. Leon can’t count.) cybernexu is not something a sane person wants to do with any serious regularity. Luckily, most of the crew managed to escape the short ambush relatively unharmed, although Ravga took it upon himself to do an outstanding impression of a chew toy (and promptly swore off cyber-predators thereafter). Some cybernetics were collected to fulfill mission requirements, and the four left the wreck in order to return to the Krayt Fang and plan their next move.

That’s when the men riding lizards and the battle droids made an appearance.

A brief conversation ensued, and the crew was taken to a settlement nestled into a nearby bluff. It seemed that they had found the survivors of the crash. The leader of the survivors, their former captain, called together the settlement to discuss both their fate, as well as the fate of the crew. Our heroes spoke well, given their track record, but did not make any significant progress in swaying local opinion in any particular direction. After a night’s rest, they again tried to convince the captain that they were, more or less, on the side of the survivors.

That, of course, is when the Empire made it’s appearance.

While a cruiser flew in low overhead, the captain accused the crew of working for the Imperials (a truly laughable concept) before running off. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, (or in layman’s terms: “fuck this planet and everything on it”), Ravga managed to convince the local cybernetic scientist to follow as the crew made a break for the mule. Janus bantered briefly with an Imperial Agent before deciding that it was a boring conversation anyway, tossing a grenade in the man’s face and legging it for the mule as well. Ravga piloted the speeder with consummate skill away from the settlement (including a run-in with a small group of Imperial scouts on speeder bikes who probably wished they had studied a little harder in school). Once upon the ship, the crew and their passenger/cargo made ready to leave the planet.



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