Edge of Adventure

Episode Four

The Search for More Money

After a night of enthusiastic partying with the local miners in the (now ruined remains) of the (now deceased) Demo’s cantina, our intrepid heroes (rogues) made their way back to civilization. Upon their return to the spaceport, they made busy buying and selling at the local market as well as drinking and trading depressing backstories until they decided to meet up again with their Twi’lek contacts.

When they arrived at the hidden meeting site, they were greeted again by (that twi’lek who’s name I’ve totally forgotten) and a strange Bothan, who was introduced as (nope no idea either). After sharing the tale of their ambitious (and unsurprisingly unsuccessful) attempts at diplomacy, the group was informed by their new Bothan friend that Teemo the Hutt had placed a bounty of 50,000 credits on their heads. But the enterprising fellow had a plan!

So our fearless heroes found themselves on the planet Geonosis schmoozing a local Duke (and armsdealer) in an attempt to gain the information needed to secure an entry into Teemo’s palace (and bought Finamore a shiny new rifle in the process). Next stop, taking down the hutt!



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