Edge of Adventure

Escape from Mos Shutta

The adventure begins

Following a short period of incarceration at the hands of Teemo the Hutt our band of heroes (rogues) manages to escape. Ducking first into a nearby cantina, the alarm is raised and with only moments before Teemo’s guards enter Marius and Raavga decide to hide in a storage closet, bribing the barman. Finamore hides under a table while Adele sits calmly in a booth sipping on someone else’s abandoned beer.

4 Guards enter and following a brief confrontation are all dead (Finamore taking the snipers motto to heart with the shots and two kills.) The barman tells of a ship in the Aurek port, requiring a small part and belonging to a vicious slaver, before finishing with a “Get the hell out of my bar.”

A plan is quickly hatched to steal the missing component from a local junkyard, which then goes array when Adele just buys the damn thing. Following this the group decides he can also pay the docking fees for the ship (which they don’t quite own yet.)

A lambda class shuttle bearing storm troopers from the nearby Mos Eisley Spaceport lands and the troopers fire upon the retreating party as they hurry to the Aurek shiport and their goal of the Krayt Fang.

Escaping the storm troopers, suffering serious injuries, the party comes upon Trex, the Trandoshan slaver, and owner of the Krayt fang. Immediately opening fire on the scum, Trex is forced to retreat from his ship and Raavga runs inside to start the engines. Once all are aboard the ship begins to lift, the cargo door open, Trex is confronted by Adele. A shoulder barge later and the ship is the sole property of our ‘Heroes.’ The ship takes off, taking small arms fire from the storm troopers below, it breaks atmosphere.


Almost anyway, two pairs of tie fighters descend on the Krayt fang. Marius quickly installs the missing component into the Hyperdrive engine and begins repairs on the already battle damaged systems while Raavga attempts to outrun the much more agile fighters. Finamore takes control of the weapons turrets and opens fire, slowly destroying the enemy ships until only a single, half blasted, tie remains.

Finally despite Adeles attempts to destroy the ship from the inside the hyperdrive spools up, the surrounding star fields blur as the ship moves away from tatooine and to freedom…



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