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Journal of Finamore Buf'te IV


Journal of Finamore Buf’te IV

The flight to cholgana was pretty uneventful, that’s if you ignore the tracker, exiting hyperspace in the middle of an asteroid field meteorite swarm in the middle of the nebula.
Scanning the surface of cholgana we found evidence of a crash site and some debris. Janus got a tummy bug so had to stay in his room.
During the drive to the crash site a I searched invain for signs of the elusive Nexu but seen nothing.
At the crash site, we found what looked like an exit pod in the middle of a pool of stagnant water surrounded by flies. Leon had the brilliant idea of throwing stun grenades at the pool. I have to admit I was a bit dubious about the whole thing. But in the end it worked well. Leon entered the pod and retrieved some computer files. He also stumbled upon a baby Nexu (a Nexlit if you will)
Unfortunately for Leon on exiting the ship he was set upon by a fearsome mother Nexu.
Leon managed to do some serious damage to the beast but was struck down and badly injured. Luckily I manged to let off a right good blast from my rifle which blew its head clean off. Just in the nick of time too it was about to devour our mechanic. I was mildly peeved as I fancied mounting it’s head.
While Leon healed itself and Ravga, who had been up a tree, (I didn’t know wookies could climb!) stowed my prize, I went to see to the little blight in the escape pod.
A little 1week old Nexlit, only just started eating meat.
Some might say that I’m getting soft in my old age, but I have a plan.Tame hunting nexu. Will make it much easier to bring down a rancor.
Back at the ship, I skinned and butchered the Nexu, the rug will make an excellent addition to my room or should fetch a pretty penny on the market. I added some of the teeth to my collection. Still annoyed about the head.
They decoded the computer files: A video log of the ship going down and people deserting the ship.
Can’t wait to start little Fluffy’s training!

Finamore Buf’te IV



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