Edge of Adventure

Mission Log: 003

Objective: Gain access access to transport vessel to Mos Shutta. Infiltrate Teemo’s Palace. Execute Teemo the Hutt.

Report: The Bothan had provided us with details stating that Teemo the Hutt had placed a sizable bounty on our group. This was not a surprise to our group yet this Bothan and his associates were offering us a job that would ‘Cancel’ the bounty. Eliminate Teemo the Hutt.

The job had a few different stages.

1. Gain details from the Geonosian Duke Pidic on why he ceased dealing with Teemo.
2. Gain access to the transport vessel leaving from Geonosian Duke Dimik to Mos Shutta.
3. Inflitrate Teemo’s Palace.
4. Execute Teemo the Hutt.

Step 1: We were given covers to make deals with the Duke Pidic at his new Cantina on Geonosia as arms dealers looking to purchase the weapons they are manufacturing.
We arrived at Duke Pidic’s with little trouble. After socialising with a few of the other patrons of Duke Pidic’s bar we came across Toydarian who made a living as a information broker. After paying for his services we were able to get the vital information regarding why Duke Pidic had ceased trading with Teemo the Hutt.

We then made contact with Duke Pidic to which we purchased samples of his merchandise before leaving for the evening.

Step 2. We had a few different ways in which we could have dealt with Duke Dimik but diplomicy was our best bet. With the vital information and evidence that we had we were able to get Duke Dimik to agree to allow us on to his transport vessel for the B1 battle droids being delivered to Teemo. Though we had to ‘fight’ our way on to the ship to make it look authentic it was a trivial matter.

The ship was piloted by two human siblings by the name of Wax and Orpa who had been made aware of the arrangement that we were being sent to deal with Teemo. We made the arrangement that they would pick us up after the deed was done.

Step 3. The infiltration was perhaps the easiest part, no one would ever expect to be trying to infiltrate a Hutt Palace. We achieved this by taking the places of the B1 Battledroids being delivered. Though some of us were unable to last the short journey without getting cramped or making noise. Thankfully we had not been discovered.

Step 4. After securing the workshop which was supervised by medical droid Vex we started securing sections of the palace. Starting the the communication room were I dealt with the Kubaz in a single volley of blaster shots and informed the admin droid into the workshop. We then isolated the computer systems, redirected communications, accessed his records and funds.

The most interesting part was the information that we gather regarding Teemo’s dealings which we broadcasted to well everyone that Teemo knew. I then went and convinced the prisoners to work towards killing Teemo. This included Lo-Irik the Wookie, Pash the Human, Oskara the Twiliek. There was also a Nogry assassine however he only worked for money so we left him in his cell.

The battle plan was simple I would be the distraction and hopefully convince the thugs to lay down there arms whilst the other got into position. The fight was brief, we suffered some wounds but nothing lasting whilst all of Teemo’s group were wiped out.

Mission Successful.


50k Bounty,
10l Hutt Cartel Trade Tokens,
3 Paintings,
2 boxes of Ryll Spice,
8 blaster pistols,
2 crude vibro axes,
3 partical built battle droids,
500 credits – Teemos Bank,
Tool Kits,
Glow Sticks,
emergancy Repair Kits,
2 Stim Paks,
1 Heavy Blaster Pistol,
3 Vibro axes,
3 blaster carbines

Certainly an impressive haul for one little assassination.



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