Edge of Adventure

Mission Log: 004 - Cont

The audacity of the Yiyar Clan to board our ship after previously trying to steal our contact and suffering that drastic defeat. Well I doubt that my companions would squabble with their lifes being terminated.

Our plan instincts lead our actions here. With Finnimore and the Wookie charging up the ramp with no sense of subtlety which I though would work well with my plan. I moved the cargo lift and started to lower it. Though what I had planned did not go as well as I had planned in the slightest. As it turned out the leader of those scumbags was held up in the cargo hold 1. An they had resorted to cowardly tactics of holding Janus hostage who had been left on the ship as he was ill.

Well I stalled for as long as I could hoping that the others would come and assist whilst all there attention was on me. Though I do not know why I put such stock in them having the sensibilities or backbones to do so. An due to that a situation that was fairly manageable turned in to a shit show.

I got shot…again. An the Rav’ga decided to blast of into space with the intention of venting everyone into space. Luckily I had managed to break though the rodians and get the blast doors closed.

From here I got into the monitor station and started to try to negotiate the Yiyar clan down with a simple terms. “Put your weapons down or you will be blasted into space” I didn’t think it was a hard sell specially as we appeared not to care for the well being of Janus.

Well that was when Janis decided to wake up and join didn’t he. Admittedly he does deserve some recognition within seconds of wake up he understood the situation and executed a plan to escape.

[Data Redacted]

We found Janus by pure chance as we got frustrated an literally kicked a tree which he fell down from. I quickly went to work to patch him back together before we went back to the ship.

We managed to open the cases though the damaged fusion cutter destroyed the contents of one box. The other we opened fine. Well it contained some curious items. An ornate bow caster which Rav’ga is revering like it was the most important thing in the world to him. We also found a statue – possibly worth some money. We also found a collectors puzzle box.

After a nights rest and getting rid of the tracker that was on the ship we ventured back into the treasure ship and eventually finished our investigation on the bridge. That was when three nexu showed up. Correction three weaponised nexu.



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